About this Page

Who runs this site?
The sole operator of this site is me, Hendrik Schlichting, a long time member of the Highlander Community and on bigger tournaments mostly to be found with my CraterHoof-Deck 😉

Wait, I thought the owner of this site wanted to “topple” the council?
No. The original idea of the website was to make clear to the council the demands for reform of the council and to demand further improvements. All with the goal to achieve more participation of the players and to make the (community) format viable in the long run. In parts, it has also worked to the extent that the Council has made concessions at the 2019 Conference Hall and, for example, has developed a format vision and launched a new website as a result.

So what else is this site for?
The site should offer all members of the community an alternative way to publish content and be available to the community. Furthermore I try to collect the most important information (banned list, dates and cover lists etc.) as good as possible.