HoGTalk ~ Bauecke No. 1 ~ 5c Cryptic Moon Highlander Deck

The guys from HoGTalk added a new Video:

“Hello Highlanderplayers,

recently I was asking myself if I lost sanity or if I saw meta-decks more often than homebrews even on our FNMยดs and i found out, I did not lose my sanity :D.

In order to reaniamte the spirit of creativity I am just about to build some random possibly funny (at least for me) Decks based on my own Intuition and share my thoughts with you… on german (sorry… next will be english… and better sound… promised ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…).

So as we return after the contintental cup commentary I am proud to present you our new video-format “Bauecke” (engl: building Corner= brewing corner) where we present you some creative, silly, or just funny decks which I will play at the right following FNM and short report how the deck has performed.

So enjoy watching, share your thoughts in the comments sections of Youtube (or just here in facebook).

Peace out.
Richard Kirsch